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msdn library july2006 簡體中文 DVD

Important Notice for January 2006
This January 2006 release is your final edition of the MSDN Library based on Visual Studio 2003, and the final Library that will include Visual Studio 2003 documentation. Starting with the April 2006 release, the MSDN Library will move to the Visual Studio 2005 platform and will no longer include Visual Studio 2003 documentation.
[/b]對 2003的用戶而言,此版是可整合MSDN的終結版![/b]
For continued access to Visual Studio 2003 documentation, you can:
? Keep this Library installed or available.
? Go online to

Users of Visual Studio .NET 2003 CAN change which MSDN Library is plugged in to their Visual Studio IDE by following these steps:
Start Visual Studio .NET 2003.
Select Options under the Tools menu.
Select Help under the Environment section of the Options window.
Select which Library is plugged in by changing the Preferred Collection setting.
Restart Visual Studio .NET 2003.
These steps will allow you to associate the Visual Studio 2005 MSDN Library with Visual Studio 2003.