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AVL Simulation Suite 2018a-仿真套件軟件
AVL Simulation Suite 2018a是一款功能強大的全面的仿真套件提供,軟件包含多個不同的工具,如CRUISE是一款用於模擬駕駛性能,燃油消耗和排放的軟件。 其模塊化概念可以對所有可能的車輛配置進行自由建模,而精密求解器可確保縮短計算時間。AVL FIRETM開發用於解決幾何複雜性和化學和物理建模方面最苛刻的流動問題。該產品反映了有關網格生成和求解器技術以及圖形用戶界面設計的最新成果。該軟件現已在 兩個解決方案包:FIRETM Standard和FIRETM Enterprise等。套件涵蓋多物理組件和系統仿真要求,從而使工程師能夠有效地開發清潔和節能的動力總成概念,作為開發過程的強大支柱。AVL的集成和開放式開發平台(IODP)是彌合虛擬世界和現實世界之間差距的戰略方向。Model.CONNECT旨在集成虛擬和實際組件,以在整個開發過程中創建和測試一致的車輛原型。嵌入在特定應用仿真方法中的經過充分驗證的最先進的物理仿真模型可在組件和系統級實現虛擬原型設計,從而實現仿真,設計和測試的最有效組合.

The AVL product team announced the release of AVL Simulation Suite 2018a. This suite offers comprehensive simulation solutions covering multi-physical component and system simulation requirements and thus enables engineers to efficiently develop clean and energy-saving powertrain concepts as a powerful backbone of the development process.

AVL Simulation Suite 2018a Release notes:

The highlights of CRUISE 2018 are Virtual RDE route generator and “share” feature which enables the population of multiple components with the same input data within a single process.
CRUISE M 2018 includes enhancements and extensions from which the most important new capabilities are introduction of Virtual RDE route generator and introduction of new components, Semi-Trailerfor HD segment, and Planetary / Double pinion gear sets and DC/DC converter for electric powertrain segment.
The new version of BOOST Gas Exchanges introduces bug fixes and some minor enhancements. Main development focus was put on the migration of BOOST CS to CRUISE M. All functionalities of BOOST CS will be integrated in in CRUISE M Engine. The change to the new working environment will be supported by a model import, so that a seamless change from BOOST in AWS to CRUISE M in Simulation Desktop will be possible.
New features and enhancements in 2018 for the following: EXCITE Power Unit, EXCITE Designer, EXCITE Piston & Rings, EXCITE Timing Drive, EXCITE Acoustics, Shaft Modeler, AutoSHAFT.
With FIRE 2018 exciting new features are made available helping engineers to achieve project targets faster, reliably and accurately while simultaneously enabling them to broaden the spectrum of tasks they can fulfill with the support of FIRE Simulations.
FIRE M 2018 offers numerous extensions and enhancements which help its users to perform simulations easier, faster and more accurately. With this new version, focus was placed on extending pre-processing capabilities, implementing capabilities related to the electrification of powertrains and to the analysis of thermal loads.

Note: For details on these new features and enhancements, refer to the manual .pdf files available from the Help menu in each module or from the Manuals folder on your hard drive.

About AVL Simulation Suite. AVL's Integrated and Open Development Platform (IODP) is a strategic orientation to bridge the gap between the virtual and the real worlds. Model.CONNECT has been designed to integrate virtual and real components to create and test consistent vehicle prototypes along the whole development process.

- Independent, open, tool/model free
- Connect models with hardware
- Local and distributed co-simulation
- Compensating coupling errors
- Fully supporting interface standards and customized wrappers

About AVL List GmbH. AVL LIST GmbH develops powertrain systems with internal combustion engines, as well as instrumentation and test systems worldwide. The company’s products include instruments and systems for powertrain and vehicle testing. It offers powertrain elements, such as batteries, controls and electronics, e-drives, engines, transmissions, and vehicle systems. The company also offers testing solutions and simulation technologies and services. It serves 2 wheelers, aviation, construction equipment, electrification, large engines, passenger cars, racing, tractors, and commercial on road industries. The company sells its products through suppliers. AVL LIST GmbH was formerly known as IBL and changed its name to AVL LIST GmbH in 1951. The company was founded in 1948 and is based in Graz, Austria. AVL LIST GmbH operates as a subsidiary of AVL Holdings Limited.


Product: AVL Simulation Suite
Version: 2018a
Supported Architectures: x64
Website Home Page :
Language: english
System Requirements: PC
Supported Operating Systems: Windows 7even or newer