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Stellar Data Recovery Technician / Premium Multilingual 一款數據恢復軟件
一款數據恢復軟件,目前來說是最先進的,但仍然是最簡單的...聽起來不真實嗎?推出全新的Stellar Data Recovery Premium - 一款真正將簡單DIY界面的潛力與創新數據恢復相結合的軟件。永久刪除文件,損壞或格式化硬盤驅動器,無法訪問的卷和什麼不是...恆星數據恢復高級版收回所有丟失的數據,現在還修復損壞的視頻和照片!

Stellar Data Recovery Technician recovers lost or inaccessible data from RAID 0, RAID 5 and RAID 6 drives. The software is a complete solution with advanced features to recover files, photos, videos, emails etc. from Windows-based hard drives, external media and RAID array.

A data recovery software that's the most advanced and still the easiest…sounds unreal? Unveiling the all-new Stellar Data Recovery Premium — a software that truly pairs the potential of a simple DIY interface with innovative data recovery. Permanently deleted files, corrupt or formatted hard drives, inaccessible volumes and what not...Stellar Data Recovery Premium gets back all the lost data and now also repairs corrupt Videos and Photos!

• Secure data recovery from RAID 0, RAID 5, and RAID 6 arrays
• Creates Virtual RAID to recover data if a probable RAID construction fails
• Recovers lost or formatted RAID logical volumes
• Recovers lost and deleted data from desktops and laptops
• Creates image of hard drive for secure and quick data recovery
• Provides resume recovery option to recover the scanned data at a later stage...........