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Keysight VEE Pro 9.0 可視化編程環境
Keysight VEE Pro是用於自動測試、測量、數據分析和報告的可視化編程環境。易於使用的圖形語言環境,採用直觀的方法來構建儀器控制程序。在開放的,標準友好的圖形語言環境中處理您的所有常見任務,包括連接到儀器,測量,分析和報告。 該產品在各個行業中都有許多應用。 從設計,評估到生產,服務於整個產品生產週期。包括GPIB、LAN、RS-232、VXI、PXI、SCXI、USB接口,包括MatlabScript 對象和MatlabScript引擎,可創建運行時版本的Agilent VEE程序和安全版本的Agilent VEE對象。能夠以編程方式更改儀器地址,具有可調用服務器功能,例如,將Agilent VEE作為ActiveXAutomation 服務器調用遠程函數功能,例如,導入在遠程主機上的另一個Agilent VEE進程中運行的UserFunction等等,還包含諸多其他功能

Keysight VEE Pro  是一款易於使用、界面直觀的圖形語言環境,可以替代 VEE Pro ,進行快速測量和分析。Keysight VEE 的設計易於擴展,非常靈活,兼容新的業界標準,使是德科技及其他製造商生產的硬件和軟件能夠無縫地配合工作。

Keysight VEE or Agilent VEE is a visual programming environment for automated testing, measurement, data analysis and reporting. This product has many applications in various industries. Agilent VEE serves the entire product production cycle from design and evaluation to production.

This software is optimized for working with instrumentation, automation or test and measurement devices such as digital and oscilloscope voltmeters, source devices such as generator signals and programmable power supplies. VEE includes sample programs for various devices. This product can communicate with other programming languages using built-in automation servers with ActiveX technology. Other programming languages such as Visual Basic, C, C #, and all .NET languages are capable of calling VEE user-defined functions.

It is also well integrated with .NET Framework (CLR & FCL) and adds many features such as sending and receiving email and accessing databases. Also, access to 2500 MATLAB analysis and visualization functions makes VEE have a MATLAB signal processor at its heart. And finally Excel’s built-in libraries. This powerful language allows you to interact with Excel spreadsheets and publish rich reports in spreadsheets. This industrial programming language is capable of communicating and controlling the devices of the company or third parties directly or through interfaces, and currently uses the following interfaces to communicate with various devices:

VXI plug and play drivers
IVI-COM drivers
SCPI via the DirectIO object
Panel drivers

Keysight VEE System Requirements

450 MHz Pentium® II or higher processor for Windows 2000/XP, or 1 GHz Pentium III or higher for Windows Vista.
128MB RAM or higher for Windows 2000/XP, or 1GB RAM or higher for Windows Vista.
470 MB Hard disk free space for Agilent VEE Pro, or 125 MB for Agilent Express.
CD-ROM drive (if installing from CD).
Super VGA (800×600) display or higher resolution monitor with 256 colors or more.