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Thunderhead Engineering Pathfinder 2019.1.0508 x64 基於人員進出和運動的模擬器
Pathfinder 是由美國Thunderhead engineering公司開發的一個基於人員進出和運動的模擬器。它提供了圖形用戶界面的模擬設計和執行,以及三維可視化工具的分析結果。該運動的環境是一個完整的三維三角網格設計,以配合實際層面的建設模式。可以計算每個乘員獨立運動並給予了一套獨特的參數(最高速度,出口的選擇,等等)。 Pathfinder可以導入FDS模型,FDS在模擬火災的同時,可以在相同時間內模擬人員疏散。同步跟蹤不僅可以科學地分析出人員疏散的相關數據。這樣既直觀,又有可靠的數據,還可以分析出人員疏散的最佳時間,減少人員傷亡。

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Pathfinder product Thunderhead Engineering, utility software to simulate the evacuation of personnel from the various facilities. With this program, the population of people under certain critical conditions such as earthquake, fire, flood and drain of a specified location, and the simulation is performed based on various parameters. Characteristics of individuals involved in stress and personal injury and obstruction of exits and so on. This application is unlike flow models based or cell-based, with the power of techniques, research on the capabilities of the gaming industry and computer graphics to simulate realistic to do to use it more tangible and closer to reality and only one application is not purely computational and simulation.

Pathfinder essential tools for making the right decision for the design of systems resistant to various disasters, including fires offer. By simulating multilateral and change the properties of different scenarios can be explored and finally the critical limits, minimum and maximum for states to anticipate and remedy the cynical and Khvshbyanh.

Pathfinder is a simulator-based OS (operating here as humans), each individual based on a set of parameters and characteristics of its own into the simulation environment and independently decide its own, this next advanced motion system and 3d modeling makes it unlike other competitors more realistic simulations gives us

Features and software, Thunderhead Engineering Pathfinder:
-AutoCAD DXF and DWG file support to enter the simulation environment
-Accurate simulation of walking with the possibility of a change of pace
-Simulation of multimode Streering and SFPE
-The possibility of three-dimensional visualization and high quality
-Characterization and different parameters for individuals
-Asin walk from various places such as staircases, escalators, tourist routes and ramps and ...
-Ability to customize the size and population density
-3d detailed presentation and evaluation of simulation results
-Ability to import files and PyroSim FDS to simulate different modes of fire, smoke, toxic fumes and heat and

System Requirements:
OS:Microsoft Windows 7 or newer
CPU:Intel Core i7 2.60 GHz processor or higher
Memory:4 GB (required) / 8 GB (recommended)
GPU:Support for OpenGL 1.2 (required) / Support for OpenGL 3.2 (recommended)