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midas MeshFree V300 R2 (buld 20181019)-有限元分析軟件
MIDAS機械產品MeshFree在中國正式發佈!本次發佈會吸引了行業內近400人的關注並收到報名信息,實時線上登錄節點數過百,這是大家對行業內新技術、新工具的關注,也是大家對MIDAS MeshFree的期待;很榮幸,我們確實沒有讓大家失望,midas MeshFree無需幾何模型的簡化,無需網格劃分,只需要3步驟的分析流程,簡單高效,能節省大量的分析時間,讓您的設計分析不再繁瑣和苦惱!
企業都很注重生產效率,特別是產品更新迭代比較快的行業,過長的設計週期肯定會影響企業的經營效益。對於企業的設計人員,如果需要花費大量的時間去掌握一款軟件來輔助設計工作,這顯然是很不現實的,會嚴重影響到產品的設計週期。韓國三星電子公司當初也是遇到這個問題,因為設計的產品結構較複雜,分析時網格難以處理,影響了產品設計的進度。韓國三星電子公司尋求韓國邁達斯公司的幫助,在雙方的共同努力下,自2014年以來開發了基於隱式邊界法(IBM)的全新仿真分析軟件midas MeshFree。這款軟件的問世,徹底解決了對於複雜結構網格難以處理的問題;2017年正式進入中國,為了讓MeshFree成為中國工程師也能得心應手使用的工具軟件,中國區機械團隊辛勤的翻譯,精心的漢化,用心的完善,還通過實際的走訪,試用,讓MeshFree能夠順利的面市發佈,本次發佈得到了行業內的一致好評,相信MeshFree會成為您最好的夥伴.

midas MeshFree V300 R2 (buld 20181019) |
The Midas IT team is pleased to announce the availability of MeshFree V300 R2 (buld 20181019) is a design and analysis cutting-edge technology developed as a joint project with Samsung Electronics. MeshFree performs finite element analysis on the original CAD model without need for meshing or defeaturing.

About midas MeshFree. midas MeshFree is a cutting-edge design and analysis technology developed through the collaboration with SAMSUNG Electronics. It performs simulation of the original model you have designed without any modification. Conventional FEM required tedious and time consuming model idealization and cleanup process. However, MeshFree has the latest, efficient and effective numerical analysis algorithm that can simulate using the original 3D CAD model itself.

midas MeshFree performs analysis based on Implicit Boundary Method. General meshless method calculates deformation at the position of nodes only. Accuracy of the analysis result depends on the density of nodes. Also additional calculation of stress is required after creating internal elements. Therefore it requires large amount of memory and calculation time.

However midas MeshFree solves a problem with the identical method as FEA using 20 nodes-Hexa element structural grid. In addition it calculates results in boundary surfaces with the special integralformula. Therefore it is possible to analyze a problem faster with low usage of memory comparing to the general meshless method.

It is possible to start the simulation immediately after installation. 3-step intuitive workflow makes it easy for anyone to use. It will minimize the learning time and enable you to verify the working design model in a short time. Now, design engineers can quickly verify the performance of a model at the design stage. It provides a revolutionary process over existing methods that required knowledge, manpower, and cost.

This webinar will introduce and demonstrate main features of midas MeshFree:
 About MIDAS IT. MIDAS develops and distributes engineering software and provides total solution service for civil and mechanical engineering and construction. We hold the world's top technology in the core engineering analysis fields such as computer graphics simulation, advanced analysis and optimal design. MIDAS Family Programs have been applied to all the engineering and industrial applications for the safety and economic feasibility analysis and they holds the largest market share in the world's construction field. MIDAS has the vision to grow as the global engineering solution developer and distributor. MIDAS will continuously devote itself to create the standard technology of the world.

MIDAS IT has accomplished impracticable tasks, overcoming the difficult environment of the CAE industry in Korea. By using engineering simulation technology based on our own techniques through high-tech graphics, we have been developing as the biggest company that offers CAE software solution to the world.

Product: midas MeshFree
Version: V300 R2 (buld 20181019)
Supported Architectures: x64
Website Home Page :
Language: English, 中文, 한국어
System Requirements: PC
Supported Operating Systems: Windows 7even or newer