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Micro Application Greetings Cards Multilingual-賀卡製作工具
Micro Application Greetings Cards破解版是一款專業好用的賀卡製作工具。
- 適用於所有場合的數千種模型,圖像和剪貼畫
- 將文本和模板翻譯成7種語言:英語,西班牙語和4種區域語言
- 直接插入您的照片,圖像和個人文本選擇的模型
- 高級照片編輯以及許多效果和濾鏡:陰影,紅眼,淡入淡出,扭曲... 
- 創意嚮導,以確保您的賀卡和邀請

- 直接訪問編輯工具:只需單擊圖像或文本即可顯示修改選項
- 更易於訪問的主菜單:詳細功能,按照符合使用標準的菜單分組
- 更清晰的界面:工作區變大,每個圖標下的描述立即找到所需的功能

- 包括!25照片質量公告(摺疊尺寸10.5 x 14.8釐米)
- 軟件中設置的紙張尺寸,保證與任何噴墨打印機兼容* 
- 內置墨水調節器在打印時可節省高達75%的墨水
- 以所有常見Windows格式導出圖像(jpg,pdf,tif,gif,bmp,psd ...)和在網上。
- 以視頻格式發送帶有效果和聲音的動畫卡片的電子郵件

- 從創建到打印的完整打印套件
- 具有更符合人體工程學的界面和新的更好工具的軟件
- DVD上的數千張圖像可以自由發揮您的創造力
- 軟件中預定義格式的25張賀卡/邀請函

Languages: Multilingual 

Send your wishes and prepare your parties with creativity! Create and print personalized cards to send your wishes and invitations for any occasion! A complete solution to create all your greetings cards and invitations.

A complete solution to create all your greetings cards and invitations
- Thousands of models, images and clipart for all occasions
- Texts and templates translated into 7 languages: English, Spanish and 4 regional languages
- Direct insertion of your photos, images and personal texts in the chosen models
- An advanced photo editing as well as many effects and filters: shadow, red eyes, fade, twist ...
- Creative wizard to make sure your greeting cards and invitations

A brand new interface
- Direct access to editing tools: display modification options by simply clicking on the image or text
- A more accessible main menu: detailed features, grouped in a menu that meets the standards of use
- A clearer interface: a workspace which gets bigger and a description under each icon to immediately find the desired function

A tailor-made finalization
- INCLUDED ! 25 Photo Quality Announcement (folded size 10.5 x 14.8cm)
- Paper size set in the software and guaranteed compatible with any inkjet printer *
- Built-in ink regulator saves up to 75% ink when printing
- Export images in all common Windows® formats (jpg, pdf, tif, gif, bmp, psd ...) and on the Web.
- E-mail sending of animated cards in video format with effects and sounds

Strong points
- A complete print kit from creation to printing
- Software with a more ergonomic interface and new and better tools
- Thousands of images on DVD to give free rein to your creativity
- 25 greeting cards / invitations in predefined format in the software
- An integrated animation module to communicate your identity on the Web, in addition to printing
Release Notes:

- May include unspecified updates, enhancements, or bug fixes.
System Requirements:
- PC compatible. Microsoft® Windows® XP SP2 and higher
- Microsoft .NET Framework 3.5 SP1 (installed with the software)
- RAM: Minimum 512 MB - 1GB recommended
- Video Card: 128 MB / DirectX9 / 1024x768 Compatible