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Contacts Journal CRM 1.5.0 MacOSX-mac CRM管理工具
Contacts Journal CRM for mac版是一款適用於macOS系統的CRM管理工具,可以幫助用戶改變業務與專業的關係,能夠記錄過去的會話,設置即將召開的會議的後續活動,將重要文檔鏈接發送給客戶,以及使用可自定義字段擴展您的客戶信息。該軟件支持與系統自帶的通訊錄數據相互同步導入,並按照不同的分類來管理和過濾您的數據,將個人與業務聯繫分開,支持創建自己的聯繫人字段並將自定義數據附加到每個聯繫人,通過電子郵件或CSV文件從應用程序導出數據。主要適用人群包括銷售團隊、小企業主、承包商、投資組合經理、個人生產力黑客,以及專業人士,如律師,房地產經紀人,教師,護士等。

Contacts Journal is a powerful tool that will transform your business and personal relationships: save notes of important meetings, set follow ups and meetings, create custom contact fields, and attach important documents to each of your contacts. Available on the Mac, iPhone and iPad, with seamless iCloud syncing across all devices.

• add value to your professional network
• track your customer and client relationships
• manage your sales pipeline
• get the best out of networking opportunities
• see a map of all your contacts, with color-coding options
• be prepared for your next meeting
• track interactions with friends and family
• effectively manage tasks and appointments
• carry a virtual folder of documents with you
• keep a call log
• store important contact data using customizable contact fields

• sales teams
• small business owners
• contractors
• portfolio managers
• personal productivity hackers
• professional like lawyers, real-estate agents, teachers, nurses etc.

As long as you are someone who interacts with many people, professionally or personally, Contacts Journal will keep you on top of things. Don’t keep it all in your head, or locked up in a spreadsheet or legacy system – use Contacts Journal to track your interactions with the people who matter.

• Import and link contacts directly from the Contacts app
• Create Private Contacts and Private Groups to keep information separate from your Contacts app
• See all your contacts and notes on a single Map view
• Attach Files to your contacts; import using file picker, or drag and drop documents into app
• Drag emails from the Mail app and attach to contact
• Define your own custom fields, and attach custom data for each contact
• Add ToDos with alerts in Notification Center for important follow-ups
• Create events in Calendar app for your ToDos
• Call (using Skype, Facetime Audio, or iPhone over WiFi), message or email your contacts directly from the app
• Export your data for reporting by email, CSV, or PDF
• No recurring billing, no hosted service. Works offline
• Featuring automatic, seamless syncing with iCloud between Mac, iPhone and iPad apps
• DropBox sync also available

Compatibility: OS X 10.11 or later, 64-bit processor

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