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Ghostnote 2.1.0 MacOSX
Ghostnote 不同於以往 OS X 下的便簽、註釋應用,它可以針對每一個文件、每一個程序來添加註釋,比如一個文本文檔,一個 Chrome 的標籤頁,PS 中打開的一張圖片,都可以用 Ghostnote 添加不同的註釋。

Ghostnote 1.x | MacOSX |
Ghostnote - notes that are linked to files, folders, programs and web sites
Ghostnote - application for OS X, which allows you to tie notes to files, folders, programs and web sites. For example, if the article is typed at a time when the screen is highlighted specific file, the text will always appear when the user clicks again on the file.

Similar records using the application can be associated with other activities - for example, opening a folder, program or web site. In addition, you can automatically export each note in the RTF file. (The following service updates the authors promise to add the ability to link records with e-mail, as well as integration with Dropbox - to allow users to share notes with friends to the file.)

The app allows you to customize the appearance of the notes - for example, the background color or position on the screen.

Add notes to a document on the level of access:
• Apple Products
◦ iPhoto
◦ Keynote
◦ Numbers
◦ Pages
◦ Xcode
◦ iTunes
◦ Preview
◦ Terminal
◦ Safari
◦ QuickTime
◦ TextEdit
◦ System Preferences

• Microsoft Office
◦ Word
◦ Excel
◦ Powerpoint

• Adobe Suite
◦ Photoshop CC
◦ Illustrator CC
◦ Indesign CC
◦ AfterEffects CC
◦ Premiere CC
◦ Lightroom CC
◦ Flash CC
◦ Acrobat CC

• Others
◦ Sketch
◦ Sublime Text
◦ Textmate
◦ Colloquy
◦ Atom
◦ Github for Mac
◦ IntelliJ
◦ AppCode
◦ Airmail

• URL access in the following browsers
◦ Safari
◦ Chrome

OS - MacOSX 10.8 or Later
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