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Photoshop.CS5風景攝影應用 英文版 CD

文名: Photoshop.CS5風景攝影應用
資源格式: 光盤鏡像
主講人: Ben long
發行日期: 2010年
地區: 美國
對白語言: 英語
文字語言: 英文


In Photoshop CS5: Landscape Photography, Ben Long outlines a full, shooting-to-output workflow geared specifically toward the needs of landscape photographers, with a special emphasis on composition, exposure enhancement, and retouching. This course also covers converting to black and white , using high-dynamic range (HDR) imaging techniques to capture an image that's closer to what your eye sees, and preparing images for large-format printing. Learn to bring back the impact of the original scene with some simple post-processing in Photoshop . Exercise files are included with the course.由Ben Long 主講




Welcome 01:44
Using the exercise files 01:30
46:35 1. Getting Started
Defining landscape photography 02:23
Considering cameras and gear 10:41
Shooting and composition tips 06:39
Why you should shoot raw instead of JPEG 04:25
Making selects 10:42
Understanding the histogram 06:53
A little color theory 04:52
01:14:20 2. Performing Basic Edits in Camera Raw
Opening an image 04:42
Cropping and straightening 09:56
Nondestructive editing 06:23
Spotting and cleanup 03:53
Cleaning the camera sensor 11:17
Lens correction 06:26
Correcting overexposed highlights 07:29
Basic tonal correction 05:45
Correcting blacks 11:54
Correcting white balance 06:35
21:34 3. Localized Editing and Color Correction in Camera Raw
Performing localized edits with the Gradient Filter tool 07:24
Performing localized edits with the Adjustment brush 07:54
Controlling brush and gradient edits 06:16
16:34 4. Final Steps in Camera Raw
Working with noise reduction 05:33
Clarity and sharpening 05:23
Exiting Camera Raw 05:38
58:05 5. Performing Additional Edits in Photoshop
Retouching 08:23
Using Levels adjustment layers 10:59
Saving images with adjustment layers 04:18
Advanced Levels adjustment layers 09:36
Guiding the viewer's eye with Levels 08:48
Using gradient masks for multiple adjustments 05:32
Correcting color in JPEG images 03:15
Adding a vignette 03:25
Knowing when edits have gone too far 03:49
33:24 6. Panoramas
Preparing to stitch 05:59
Stitching 07:39
Panoramic touchup 07:17
Shooting a panorama 04:58
Stitching a panorama 07:31
27:18 7. HDR Imaging
Shooting an HDR Image 07:53
Merging with HDR Pro 11:52
Adjusting and retouching 07:33
24:04 8. Converting to Black and White
Why use black and white for images? 02:26
Black-and-white conversion 07:13
Correcting tone in black-and-white images 07:38
Adding highlights to black-and-white images 06:47
49:32 9. Putting It All Together and Thinking Like a Painter
Painting light and shadow pt. 1 11:22
Painting light and shadow pt. 2 12:42
Painting light and shadow pt. 3 09:19
HDR + LDR 05:07
Reviewing sample images for inspiration 11:02
48:02 10. Outputting Images
Sizing 09:08
Enlarging and reducing 05:03
Saving 01:24
Sharpening 08:23
Outputting an electronic file 09:04
Making a web gallery 04:17
Printing 10:43
00:20 Conclusion
Goodbye 00:20