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大師級CG音樂視頻教程 Gnomon Master Classes 2 Music Video Post Production DVD

GNOMON教程,每每給我們於激情與期待!讓我們在CG設計路上不再獨行!讓我們共同期待!讓我們共同期待與業界CG頂尖設計師的面對面!少玩多花些時間多學習學習,讓我們的商業作品與眾不同! Gnomon的教程向來以其前沿的技術和清晰的視頻質量而受到廣大用戶的青睞.

Gnomon Master Classes 2 Music Video Post Production -大師級CG音樂視頻教程!這是大師級系列教程的第二版!課程是Gnomonschool的藝術大師傾巢出動,很驚人。 GNOMON教程,每每給我們於激情與期待!讓我們在CG設計路上不再獨行!讓我們共同期待!讓我們共同期待與業界CG頂尖設計師的面對面!少玩多花些時間多學習學習,讓我們的商業作品與眾不同! Gnomon的教程向來以其前沿的技術和清晰的視頻質量而受到廣大用戶的青睞.Gnomon Master Classes 2 - 2009為好萊塢級大師特效教程集II版。是對CG技術的一次全面新挑戰。

作者杰拉辛庫克將討論在3d/post生產工作的管理。 3D CG音樂視頻案例的技術製作:(這張教程的MTV音樂作品可是獲得最佳新人歌手視頻大獎),他的作品還有里賈納Spektor''的“笑與上帝”和Beyonce''的“甜蜜的夢”。


Ergin Kuke will discuss the methods, pipeline, budgeting and client expectation management of 3d/post production work in a small studio environment. Case studies on 3 music videos will be covered: Anjulie's "Boom" (MTV Music Award's Best Newcomer Artist Video), Regina Spektor's "Laughing with God" and Beyonce's "Sweet Dreams".

The music video industry is not the huge money maker it used to be. One of the reasons they still get done is as a creative outlet and a means to "make a name" for the studios and directors involved. It tends to be a more freely creative environment, especially when young musicians and bands are in play.

Budgets are tight, deadlines are very tight and managing the layers between production houses, directors, musicians, music labels and the post-production house is a risky business. How to actually get the job, what creative input does the post production company have, budgeting of time and money, managing client expectations, pipelines and delivery methods.

Ergin will go over 3 case studies and explain how a 3-5 man studio finished 6 music videos in 2 and a half months. Results are sometimes great and sometimes less than great. Successes and shortcomings will be analyzed in an attempt to share the experiences and what was learned from them.