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Phoenix FD v3.13.00 for 3ds Max 2014-2020-3DS Max流體動力學插件
Phoenix FD是一款由Chaos Group公司出品的全能的3DS Max流體動力學插件。可以模擬真實的火焰,煙霧,液體,海洋,潑濺,霧氣等等效果。可以模擬真實的火焰,煙霧,液體,海洋,潑濺,霧氣等等效果。配備了一個新的FLIP液體解算器,改進煙霧和火焰解算器,可以生產更逼真的視覺效果。Phoenix FD無縫集成Autodesk 3DS Max,並優化V-Ray渲染。支持行業標準工具和格式,如Alembic和OpenVDB。便於藝術家使用,專為希望使用快速預設和符合直覺的參數創作動力學特效的 3D 藝術家打造。交互性強,可以在視口中直接預覽和交互。實時調整模擬效果。

Phoenix FD支持你在3ds Max中模擬這些流體。在Phoenix FD中,仿真的流體被存放在立方體或者網格中,並且每個最小單元格都包含該位置上的流體屬性。這些屬性包括溫度、質量和速度。在仿真中,隨著時間的推移,Phoenix將會在每個單元格之間傳遞內容。此外,由於物理規則的改變,Phoenix還會改變單元格的屬性。最後,將仿真的結果用於渲染。

Phoenix FD for 3ds Max has been given a full makeover, with new intuitive controls, presets and GPU-accelerated previews, making it a fast and easy way to tackle tight deadlines. With its new FLIP liquid solver and improved smoke and fire solver, Phoenix FD is now more powerful and able to bring more realism to visual effects projects.

System Requirements:
OS:Windows ® 7 SP1, Windows ® 8.1 Professional, or Windows ® 10 Professional operating system
CPU:Intel® 64-bit or compatible processor with SSE 4.2 support
RAM:8 GB RAM and 8 GB swap minimum – recommended 32 GB or more RAM, 32 GB or more swap file

3DS MAX Combability:3ds Max ® 2014 / 3ds Max Design ® 2014 or later, 64-bit versions only
V-Ray for 3ds Max:Phoenix for Defscanline does not require V-Ray; Phoenix for vray3 requires V-Ray 3.1 or later; Phoenix for vray4 requires V-Ray Next 4.0 or later, 64-bit versions only

If you use Vray dynamic patcher from 1rv4n you must choose the version that doesn't touch the Phoenix or you'll get some weird thing.