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Sage 100C Immobilisations i7 v4.00 Multilingual - 資產管理系統
 Sage 100C Immobilisations i7破解版是一款功能強大的資產管理系統,使用為用戶提供完善的業務流程優化和商業管理解決方案,使用Sage 100c,您的SME依靠單一,一致的系統,集中的信息,業務和會計工具以及管理功能來幫助您做出最明智的決策,可通過遠程訪問來進行信息共享和移動設備使用,實時分享和統一數據,確保大家的信息一致和準確,並且軟件能夠方便的進行活動分析,在Excel中自動化報告。組織和共享您的文檔,方便大家更加安全自由的查看和分發數據.

With Sage 100c , your SME relies on a single, coherent system, centralized information, business and accounting tools and management functions to help you make decisions.

Optimize all of your business processes
You rely on a homogeneous solution, adapted to the mobility needs of SMEs and composed of a basic functional base, with tools of Commercial Management, Accounting and Reporting. Customize your tool to your needs with tailor-made options: ranges, manufacturing, supply chain, traceability, purchase forecasts, purchasing requirements calculation, budgeting, etc.

Benefit from the wealth of a complete management suite
With a controlled deployment and investment, the Sage 100c offer allows you to associate complementary software to your solution: Fixed assets, Means of payment, Treasury, CRM, etc.

Capitalize on an agile management system
You benefit from a solution integrating functions of remote access via the web, thus facilitating the sharing of information and the uses in mobility (tablets and smartphones).

Share reliable and common data
All employees in your company work on a single database, ensuring the consistency of your information system.

Simplify the analysis of your activity
You can automate your reporting in Excel®. Personalize, organize and share your documents simply. You can view and distribute your data more freely and safely.