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Prosonic Studios Chord Progressions 4-Voices Complex Time Signatures 英文發音 僅限電腦播放 CD

Once in a while a new compositional tool comes along and changes everything...
4-Voice MIDI Chord Progressions are a revolution in music creation and we’re
very excited about what’s to come...

Here.s a bunch of free 4-Voice MIDI Chord Progressions for you to download and
experiment with. Each MIDI Chord Progression download has an mp3 demo next to it.

The mp3 demo is provided so that you can hear how the midi chord progression
sounds with a good instrument. Each MIDI chord progression is four-bars long.

NOTE: To download the free midi chord progression click on the .Free Midi Loop.
links below. To hear how it sounds with a good instrument click on the Mp3 Demo
next to it.