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德國MAGIX音頻修復還原軟件 Magix.Audio.Cleaning.Lab.17.Deluxe 英文版 CD

官方最新版本MAGIX Audio Cleaning Lab 17 Deluxe 近乎完美的音頻修復還原軟件
MAGIX 推出的軟件Cleaning Lab,它用於將老式唱片機、磁帶或者舊CD中的音樂重新修復,具有24-bit高音質、新的環繞聲轉化、全自動消“嘶”功能,MAGIX的Audio Cleaning Lab幫助你對曾經最愛的音樂進行清理,讓它們煥然一新,而後燒錄在CD、DVD中欣賞,甚至還可以做成DVD編碼的音頻格式。
它可以自動清除暴音、跳音、嘈雜等,淨化從大碟、磁帶和MP3文件中得到的音樂。只需要一次輕輕點擊,即可得到完美音樂,並支持刻錄功能!從唱片、磁帶、CD到網上的MP3,MAGIX Audio Cleaning Lab都能讓其閃出新的火花。

MAGIX Audio Cleaning Lab 用“Spectral Cleaning(頻譜清理)”的方法消除由廣播電台或古典音樂現場錄音帶來的背景噪音和旁白等無用內容。使用環繞聲系統的用戶可以利用此軟件刻錄DVD編碼的音頻格式,基於Surround Editor和新的環繞聲轉化(Surround Transitions),MAGIX Audio Cleaning Lab 10與各種DVD機和Dolby Pro Logic系統都保持良好的兼容,提供了諸如在樂曲結束時自動創建漸出的平滑效果等功能。
Audio Cleaning Lab 還具有“Tape Simulation(磁帶模擬)”功能,提供了被大眾用戶所喜愛的模擬環境下更溫暖的音色。對單薄的MP3音質,Audio Cleaning Lab提供了“Chorus Filter”的增強功能。除躁方面,具有手動點擊、DeHisser 2.0、DeNoiser 2.0工具除躁三種方式,能有效地定位和修正煩人的噪音。

MAGIX Audio Cleaning Lab - a powerful package for compiling, cleaning and management of audio data of all kinds. Allows the use of sound sources of various types: from tape to discs and MP3. Allows you to create the compilation with the imposition of the effects of high-quality, clean and burn to CD. With this program you can clean up the sound of crackling, clicks and noise, as well as record cleansed data to a CD, thereby protecting them from further deterioration. The program has a set of algorithms for treatment, as well as Compressor, Equalizer, Expander stereo and more. Be connected to the DirectX plug-ins. Has a user-friendly interface and easy operation.
* Cleaning and audio processing;
* Removal of noise;
* Manual removal of clicks;
* Import / Export;
Burn songs to CD / DVD discs;
* Use the built-in effects;
* Easy to use software;
* Built-in equalizer;
* Record web radio stations;
* Automatically search for the optimal level of sound for each track;
* Edit audio with MAGIX Music Editor 2.0;
* Automatic detection of the beginning of the song.
New and even better: MAGIX Audio Cleaning Lab 17 deluxe:
* NEW! Intelligent start dialog: Presets let users immediately begin any task;
* NEW! Spectral cleaning directly in the track: Select audio distortions graphically and remove them;
* NEW! Click to get an overview: One-click project layout is accessible from any interface screen;
* IMPROVED! Easy-to-use effects: Equalizer, compressor, DeHisser, etc;
* IMPROVED! Info Box with many tips & tricks related to the program and its effects;
* IMPROVED! More presets for effects such as DeNoiser, StereoFX, etc;
* IMPROVED! Overview track for a detailed and effective workflow;
* Many more improvements to details.
System requirements
For Microsoft?? Windows?? XP | Vista?? | 7
For 32bit and 64bit systems
Minimum configuration:
1 GHz processor or higher
512 MB RAM
500 MB free hard disk space
Graphics card resolution 1024 x 768
16-bit sound card
CD-ROM drive
Burn CDs/DVDs with CD/DVD±R(W) recorder
Supported formats:
Import: WAV, MP3, WMA, AIFF, OGG Vorbis, M3U, CUE, CD-A, FLAC, AAC; video sound import: AVI, WMV, MXV, MOV, DV-AVI, MPEG-2??),
Export: WAV, MP31), MP3 Surround1), WMA, AIFF, OGG Vorbis, CD-A, FLAC, MP3 DVD, AAC??), Audio DVD, Data DVD; video sound export: AVI
1) Activate MP3 encoder for free