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Adobe Photoshop扣圖去背景濾鏡插件For Mac.OS、Windows OnOneSoftware Mask Pro.v4.1.for.Adobe.Photoshop-FOSI 英文版CD

中文名: Adobe Photoshop扣圖去背景濾鏡插件
英文名: OnOneSoftware Mask Pro.v4.1.for.Adobe.Photoshop-FOSI
版本: For Mac.OS、Windows
發行時間: 2007年
製作發行: OnOneSoftware
地區: 美國

Mask Pro是另一款摳圖利器,由位於美國俄勒岡州波特蘭市的Ononesoftware公司出品。他一款Photoshop扣圖(去背景)濾鏡插件。 Mask Pro 4 讓創建面罩,選擇和修建複雜物體像頭髮,玻璃和霧氣的路徑更容易。 Mask Pro 4 的工具箱允許你使用正確的工具於你圖像的不同的路徑並讓你實時看到和完善你的面罩。替換背景現在對於Mask Pro 4只是一碟小菜。

PhotoShop的扣圖(去背景)濾鏡插件Mask ProMaskPro 是Photoshop 的外掛濾鏡,可以說是目前最專業的去背軟件之一,具體功能有:讓你的去背效果可以達到最佳化,精準的遮罩功能,智慧筆刷以及魔術棒,無限的Undo/Redo 功能;另外在MaskPro 之中還有提供相當多的工具如魔術筆刷以及路徑工具,所以你不用擔心因為工具過少作不出好的遮罩來將影像去背,因為這些工具再加上先前所提到的選色工具絕對可以幫你作出完美的遮罩,讓你的作品達到專業的水準。

具體功能有:讓你的去背效果可以達到最佳化,精準的遮罩功能,智慧筆刷以及魔術棒,無限的Undo/Redo 功能;另外在MaskPro 之中還有提供相當多的工具如魔術筆刷以及路徑工具,所以你不用擔心因為工具過少作不出好的遮罩來將影像去背,因為這些工具再加上先前所提到的選色工具絕對可以幫你作出完美的遮罩,讓你的作品達到專業的水準。


Mask Pro 4.1 allows you to mask out objects that you simply can not with Photoshop alone. Cut out complex objects like hair, clouds, glass or a wedding veil in real-time with no jaggies or halos so your masks look realistic and life-like .Mask Pro 4.1 now supports 16-bit images, Photoshop CS3 and Intel-based Macintosh computers. Several new "Show Me How" video tutorials are built right in the product, as
well as 1.5 hours of training videos available for free on No other masking or selection tools give you the professional level results like Mask Pro 4.1.

New Features:

Support for Photoshop CS3 · Ready for the latest version of Photoshop, and Universal Binary for Intel-based Macs
Support for 16-Bit Images · Mask your 16-Bit images without losing color gamut
"Show Me How" Tutorial Videos · New built-in videos so you get the most out of Mask Pro
Free Training Videos · 90 minutes of free training material available on
Automatic Update Checking · Make sure you always have the latest version
Complete Collection of Masking Tools
Mask Pro 4.1 allows you to cut out a subject from the background by assigning keep and drop colors and simply painting away the background. Mask Pro 4.1 makes it easy to create masks, selections and clipping paths on difficult subjects like hair, glass and fog all in real-time. The built-in tutorials allow you to quickly learn how to mask even the most complex images.

Replace backgrounds with ease
Features all the right masking tools in a single interface
Advanced color decontamination technology for masking transparent objects
Preview your results in real-time eliminating guess work
Supports 16 -bit Images
Learn more about the Features in Mask Pro 4.1.

System Requirements
Current Version: 4.0
Windows 2000, XP SP2 or later
Photoshop CS2, CS3, and Elements 4 or later
512MB of RAM
60MB of disk space